Where is the website to test for the CMS of a website?
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I have lost my bookmark! I am trying to find a website that gives information about a typed-in URL. Once you submitted the URL, it immediately returned technical information about the site. It might have been SEO related, but the most useful feature was that it was able to tell you the CMS the site was on (assuming it was a fairly commonly used CMS.) Does anyone know the site I am referring to?
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Well the old standby Netcraft will tell you the site's OS and server software and uptime and such, but not the CMS or other software.

(A site that determines that must be being pretty rude... what, try every common admin path? That would look a lot like an attack.)
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Best answer: Maybe it was BuiltWith.com?
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Response by poster: Thank you! I was trying to remember BuiltWith.com. Your comment about the site possibly being rude is a really interesting observation. I had not given much thought to how the determination is made, and testing for common administration paths would certainly be a possible avenue of discovery.
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