How can I get google maps to display location AND other data?
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Google mapmaking question: I've successfully geocoded a list of service organizations, uploaded the kml file to google maps and produced a great map showing where these organizations are. Yay! Now, I'd like to know what it would take to have the map also display another variable - the organizations' productivity. For example, for an organization produced below 80%, their map icon marker would be red, if above 120% it would be blue, or whatever, i.e., that the change in an attribute of the marker would be triggered by a data point. Is this easy or complicated? If complicated, what are some references that would help me figure it out?

BTW, I'm totally ignorant about web programming, java, etc. and I find that many websites that seem like they could be helpful assume I have a level of expertise that I don't, or they assume I have a website, which I also don't. I don't mind learning these things if the curve isn't too steep. I just want guidance to help ensure my learning is focused in such a way that it will allow me to do this specific task.
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As an example, here's a map I created in about 20 seconds with the first link.
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Response by poster: Hey desjardins - that gps visualizer looks like it could handle the extra dimension issue perfectly, thanks so much. I had already used the batchgeocode link to get the geocoding done in the first place - that produced the kml file I uploaded to google maps. I'll certainly give that site a try!
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