French music video with a guy in a pink bunny suit
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Posting for someone else: I'm looking for the music video to a French dance track that might've been released sometime last year. There were no lyrics and there's an accordion sampled throughout. The video apparently consists of people throughout the world dancing to this on headphones and at some point there's a man in a pink bunny suit. Has anyone heard of this?
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It's Samim - Heater.

You might also like Sis' Trompeta which samples Balkan Beat Box's Bulgarian Chicks. It's another example of "ethno-house", sampling horns rather than accordion.
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And Wikipedia says that Samim is Swiss-Iranian, not French. I'm sure this song was big in France, though, being distributed by Ministry of Sound and getting plenty of radio/TV play. It was big in NYC last spring.

The article also states that the accordion sample is from a '70s cumbia track Cumbia Cienaguera by Aniceto Molina & that Shaggy sampled Heater for his EuroCup theme Feel The Rush.
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Response by poster: Holy hell, AskMefi does it again! I'm pretty sure this is the one she's looking for, you rock stachemaster!
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