Need professional TLC for an important old family photo
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Can anyone recommend a photo restoration service in Toronto? My wife has a photo of her grandmother as a young woman in the 1920's that I'd like to have restored. I'm only interested in getting the actual photo cleaned up rather than a digital restoration.

At some point in the last 80 years, somebody thought it would be a good idea to "matte" it with lengths of tape and then painted over the tape with silver paint. They had a shakey hand and the border of the image is painted over in a few spots and there are a couple of drips in the middle.

My googling so far seems to mostly be for digital retouching (and I don't much care for the samples I've seen). I just want to preserve the original photo and give it to my wife with a nice frame. I'd really like to take it someplace in Toronto if possible.
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Best answer: I would call a local museum or historical society and ask who they recommend. We did this and it was quite expensive but you want it done right.
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Best answer: Ryerson has a MA Photographic Preservation program, so perhaps someone on staff there could recommend the best course of action.
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Best answer: This guy looks interesting! He has a portfolio you can download.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, for the answers and the links. I'll post the before/after when it's done.
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Check your mefi mail for a late response.
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