How Can I Tag Bookmarks on Safari?
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Is there a program or tool for organizing my Safari bookmarks using tags? (as opposed to folders)

I really like the way delicious uses tags to organize bookmarks. Is there a way to do so in Safari? I do not want to use any social/online sites, since a lot of the bookmarks I visit have somewhat proprietary information. Plus, social/online sites would be overkill for me...I'm only using one computer.

I know Firefox has several add ons that do this, but Safari, as far as I know, has none.

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You know you can click "do not share" on any of your delicious bookmarks, right? I don't do any social sharing with delicious -- I just use it as an easy way to tag bookmarks.
posted by crapples at 2:13 PM on April 16, 2009

Best answer: You might want to try out a bookmark-management application like WebnoteHappy or Bookdog (which both have options to sync to Delicious, by the way).
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Best answer: Another option (albeit a more expensive one) is Tags. Lets you tag bookmarks as well as ... well, everything more or less. Worked well in the trial; haven't quite gotten to the point of purchasing it yet tho.
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Response by poster: crapples, i guess i just don't like the idea of having all the bookmarks on a server out there. yeah its not like i have state secrets, but i'm paranoid like that.

thanks dreamyshade and neilbert. I'll check out those apps!
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