Best free survey software?
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Survey software? Preferably free? Anyone have any experience with Zoomerang, Key Survey, or anyone else?
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I know a few people in our internal communications department that swear by Survey Monkey. They have both free and pay options.
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I can recommend SurveySuite (pay, but it's cheapware), and I also looked at SurveyMonkey, but only after I had selected SurveySuite.
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I've used Zoomerang a fair amount (like once or twice a year, tops), and it's worked out pretty well. I'm not a crazed fan, but for straightforward online surveys, it's got a pretty robust set of features.
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Its more of a stats program and its not free and its not very good but we use SPSS in my office. It is powerful but damn, they're on their 12th version and its still horrible!
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I'm a member of a national organization of IT-types (we coordinate the use of spatial data and GIS, but we're related to IT people). Anyway, the leaders of this group, all of whom are much more impressive computer user geezers than I, are very happy with SurveyMonkey. As a survey taker, I can say it works well and is not intrusive or annoying.
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I used Zoomerang for the first time a few weeks ago and was pleased with it. It was rather simple and free, which were the two main things I was looking for. Some of the people in my office swear by it...
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