1994 Toyota Pickup Automatic Transmission Problems
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1994 Toyota Pickup Automatic Transmission Problems - Your thoughts? (MI)

It's a 4 speed overdrive tranny. The other day it started shuddering when I gave it the normal amount of gas at take-off & I have to back off the gas and sort of coast up to speed. Once warmed up, it increasingly slips - to the point I almost didn't make it home. Reverse is fine (drive gear servo?). When the fluid was checked it's full, but BLACK! (doesn't smell burnt to me)

The obvious step is to have the system flushed, which will either help or kill it altogether, but will cost ~$100 with new filter.

Any experience out there on similar problems, & how did it turn out (I'm assuming a new tranny is in the works & I'm just deluding myself). There goes ~$1500.
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How much is the truck worth? Might be more economical to part it out and replace it rather than repair.

The fluid flush might work wonders. We had it done in my Jetta (a ridiculously complex and expensive process in this model year) and it made a huge difference in the transmission.

Good luck.
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It's old enough that there's probably a vacuum line from the carb (or FI system) back to the tranny, which controls downshifting. Check that line; if it's leaking, the tranny will stay in the wrong gear, and trash itself.
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Type Toyota pickup automatic transmission problem into Google Groups.
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