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Looking for digital ad strategy graduate programs in NYC. I've worked for almost 2 years (graduated college in the summer of 07) in web analytics/market research, and while I was laid off a few weeks ago, what I think I really want to do is make a career out of digital strategy (kind of a combo of both from what I understand).

So to best accomplish that I think I want to do some part time graduate school work (a masters in something?) - but where? Thinking of a standard MBA at Baruch or NYU now (studying/taking the GMAT's now) - is that a good idea? Or should I look elsewhere? Is grad school even the right move here? Open to any and all options.


1 - Easily accessible from NYC via public transport
2 - Price - if its the best option I'm willing to spend the money - but all things considered I'd like to spend less
3 - Part time options - I'd like to find new work and continue working throughout grad school
4 - Good prospects post graduation via alumni network/career services.

Thanks all.
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GMATs - doh!
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My opinion only - this field is way too new and unstable to have a credible academic program to teach it. Your efforts might be better spent getting another job in the field.
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Downing street memo ++++. There's no indication that 2+ years out an MBA (or a more specialized M-digital-something-something degree) is going to be valuable for what you want to do.

On the other hand, I think what you're interested in is more narrow than "Web strategy". Speaking as a Web strategist who knows just how vague that label is, digital strategy is equally general. Web analytics + market research are a potent combo of skills, and I would probably call your area of specialization marketing analytics.

In terms of career path (Web companies in New York, although before the recent worst of the economy), in order to move up the hierarchy, folks who did marketing analytics have moved on to work in other areas of marketing, or developed advanced enough database skills to manage business intelligence programs. I can't imagine that in this economy a local MBA (especially one that's not NYU or Columbia) is going to advance your career more than working.

Finally, you've been out of college for two years. Even if you stay in the Web business business, there are a lot of areas to learn about. Don't be afraid of generalization, or of adding breadth to your skill set.
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Sorry -- more narrow than "digital strategy".

Feel free to memail me if you think stories from the trenches would be helpful.
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