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A friend, a 62 year old woman, was injured while driving in TN; her car was totalled. She is suffering back pain. She has been to an attorney who has retained an independent doctor to evaluate her. The doctor has assessed that she retains 5% PPI (permanent personal impairment?). The question she has - what is the likely dollar value of the settlement based on the 5%?
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Normally I'd say "Get a lawyer," but your friend already has a lawyer. Why are you asking internet strangers when there's a professional at hand?
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I really don't understand this question, clearly her lawyer will be able to give a much better answer.
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Not much. Perhaps $10k-$15k. Good luck.
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It's "permanent partial impairment," actually. Nobody here can determine what it's worth, and in a trial or negotiated settlement a lot of factors would be taken into account, like, the precise nature of the impairment and what kind of functions are inhibited, how it affects her ability to earn money, what kind of expenses she may incur as a result, pain and suffering, expenses she incurred during treatment, loss of income during treatment, etc. All that said, I doubt if 5% is the equivalent of winning the lottery.
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Her lawyer should have given her an estimated settlement amount, if not at least a range. But if her lawyer hasn't, or she doesn't trust the lawyer, then she should get a second opinion from a different lawyer.

Unless the attorney she saw was not her attorney (unclear from the post), in which case she should get an attorney.

Also, if she has a personal physician and health insurance, she should ask that doctor as well for a second opinion of her PPI.
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great suggestion... thanks
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"retained an independent doctor".... hmmmm, anyone else have the term "ambulance chaser" come to mind?
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