Can you recommend the Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland?
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Can you recommend the Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland? Or else can you recommend any other creative writing classes/workshops in the DC area?

I actually learned about the Writer's Center from an answer to this old question. It sounds great, but was wondering about the quality of the instructors, what the students are generally like, etc. I'm specifically looking at these two workshops:

* The Writer Toolbox
* Strengthening Your Prose: Getting Started in Fiction and Nonfiction

If you have any other suggestions for writing classes/workshops in DC, please share them!
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Best answer: I only took one class there and found the caliber of both the other students and the instructor to be very poor (although, to be fair, the instructor may have just been teaching down to the other students). Not a large sample size but I wouldn't recommend it.
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Best answer: Among universities in the DC area, George Mason University has a good reputation for creative writing and provides resource links for writers on their website. I audited a literature class at Mason years ago, and while I don't know if instructors would allow students to audit their creative writing workshops, I bet if you email a faculty member you could gain expert advice about creative writing opportunities in the region.
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Response by poster: Both of these answers are very helpful. Thank you.
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