What are some good pop culture blogs?
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What are some good pop culture blogs? I'm looking for some good writers who like to riff on anything and everything: music, movies, books, random pop-sociology articles, etc.; people who aren't breathlessly following the latest reality show but also who aren't trying to show off their fanboy Pitchfork-esque indie creds. The less politics, the better. Bonus points for people who do more original stuff and less meme-o'-the-day crap and for people with a wicked sense of humor.
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Click Opera.
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The left side of Low Culture is almost always good for a laugh.
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Lileks has gotcha covered. He does occasionally veer into politics, but usually gives fair warning that it's coming.
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I like Defective Yeti - there's a little politics in there sometimes but it never gets 'ranty'.
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No Rock and Roll Fun
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NancyNall.com is a lot of fun. Nancy is a great writer, especially little blurby things like blog-length entries. She also frequents the blue section (but I have no idea what her nom de web is...).
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A lot of people I know seem to really like whatevs althought I don't really follow the whole pop culture thing.
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I'm a big fan of Scrubbles.net
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Stereogum is good for music and TV. For comics and geek related stuff, The Beat is good and Die Puny Humans 'snot bad either. Cool Hunting might be of some interest too. Oh and there's always Glassdog.
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[cool stuff!]
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Glorious Noise is good for music stuff--reviews, articles, and a discussion board section. Generally tends to cover indie rock, with all original material. Johnny Loftus watches the abomniable awards shows so that you don't have to. Occasionally, the boards will veer off into politics, in which case the membership leans about the same way as MeFi.
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Pop Culture Junk Mail, run by our own GaelFC.
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If you can get over Nick Denton, I happen to like both Defamer [Hollywood] and Gawker [NYC] (although it's a lot worse after Spiers and Sicha left)

Television Without Pity is great for TV nerds as well.
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The most poppy culture blog I know is the one setup for that VH1 show, "best week ever." It's kind of like a b-level Daily Show, in blog form, which they film jokes about once a week, sampling heavily from the blog. The blog becomes the script for the show each week.
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Stereogum has been mentioned already (and he helps out on Best Week Ever, which Mathowie mentioned.) Also, Whatevs for the poppest of pop and gossipest of gossip, Catchdubs for incomprehensible hip hop slang and lots of bulleted links, S/FJ for the pretentious take on things, and Burned By The Sun ain't half bad, though updating far less frequently than once upon a time, sadly.
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You might enjoy Culture by Connection. The writer and sometime anthropologist gets pretty into the nitty-gritty of our culture. Case in point, a recent analysis of "The Incredibles" and the changing nature of animation, complete with citations and references. Canadian, so YMMV.
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If niche pop culture is OK, I gotta give a shout out to Broadway Stars.
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I am biased , but let me put a plug in for A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago (or ALOTTFMA) for all things pop culture.
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The Human Flower Project

reporting on everything from Day of the Dead ceremonies to protest flowers in the Ukraine, Japanese chrysanthemum sculptors to digitalized mandalas of dahlias, xeriscape snobs, etc..
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