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Can you help a guy make a folding 5x7 card with Photoshop and a Canon printer?

I got a deal on some 5x7 ( 5.25 x 7.25 ) folding cards, and I can't center the image. It runs off the page on the right, and I cant seem to move it to the left enough. The cards are actually 7.25 x 10.5 ". I can get the image in the right area generally, but it seems to want to align right. I'm using Photoshop Elements, but I have CS2 on another machine, if that will help me. When I try to change the borders on the printer settings, they revert back...I'm going nuts.
Thanks in advance.
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Sorry, I don't use Photoshop. Two quick and dirty suggestions -- use a word-processing program instead to place the picture, or expand the edges of the picture to fit the card.
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