Two SMB shares with similar names. Why the trouble?
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Two SMB shares on OSX with same/similar names causing big headaches. Is there a way to force mount points?

I have the following two samba shares on OS X 10.5:
Filesystem                   Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
//lamothec@devwebv/inetpub/  25Gi   17Gi  7.8Gi    69%    /Volumes/inetpub
//lamothec@prodweb/inetpub/  88Gi  8.7Gi   79Gi    10%    /Volumes/inetpub-1
They seem distinct enough from the command line, but when it comes to Finder/Desktop/Dreamweaver/TextMate all sorts of shenanigans occur, the most common being:
  • they both show up as "inetpub" (quick fix was to give them diff icons)
  • When Dreamweaver or TextMate save to the second inetpub (e.g. /Volumes/inetpub-1) it actual saves to the first one! (/Volumes/inetpub)
It's the second bug that's killing me the most. I'm guessing (unless you know of an easier solution) that there's a way to force the second drive to have a different mount name. If so please hope me!
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You can access them with Automount so you can make the share show up as /Dev_inetpub and /Prod_inetpub, for example. It seems that Automount under OSX is a constantly changing thing between releases, so you may have to google around to find instructions that work for you.
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