Arts and culture organizations by and about young people in Southern California?
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What are some arts/culture organizations (or individual artists) in Southern California that produce film, video art, radio, sound art, criticism, etc. that are run by or work with young people, exclusively or primarily?

I'm working on a journalistic project meant to cover arts and culture produced by young people here in Southern California, and I'd like to cover artists and organizations that I haven't already heard of or are generally more obscure. If that sounds like a wide net, it is, but there are certain sorts of people and groups that I'd especially like to investigate. Broadly speaking, I mean those that produce this sort of stuff:
  • Film, narrative or experimental
  • Television and video art
  • Radio broadcasts and sound art
  • Ambient or otherwise avant-garde music
  • Film, book or music criticism (not in the academic sense)
Also, the less political, the better, but with young people I realize that's a tall order. (And by "young", I mean anywhere from teens to early 30s.) Geographically, the region of Southern California I'm looking at would be L.A. county up to Santa Barbara county and everywhere in between.
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REDCAT, The Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theatre would probably fit the bill. Since it's affiliated with Cal Arts there are a lot of young artists (undergrad and grad students primarily) working there.
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For experimental music you might want to check out the wulf.
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I just MeFi-mailed you a small list, but also, if you go to the LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs website, you might be able to find some more arts/culture organizations (I see a few under the tab "Arts Centers")
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How about Channel 101? It's a loose, non-political organization of people who create 5 minute TV shows. There is a screening tonight in Hollywood if you want to check it out.
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