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Looking for recommendations for affordable, centrally located, nice London hotels.

I'll be in London for three nights in mid-July. I'm looking for a hotel room with two beds, internet access, and a private bathroom. By "nice," I mean clean and well-rated. Honestly, I'm not really sure what "affordable" is in London, but I'm aiming for under $200 per night. Thanks!
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My wife and I just spent three days in London. We booked through Hotwire and ended up at the Intercontinental Park Lane, which is a 5 star hotel right by Hyde Park, for $179 a night (normally it would be twice that). The location and hotel were both great. The only downside is that all of the extras (like internet) are crazy expensive. But if you can stand the uncertainty, there are some good deals to be had right now using sites like Hotwire and Priceline.
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There are several threads here on MeFi about great hotels in central London - I know because I've contributed to them. You can get decent hotels for under $200 now that the pound is weak.
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Yes, here's a recent London hotel thread.
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Does it have to be a hotel? If not, you could try Endsleigh Court self-catering apartments. It's in Russell Square, so very central. I've had 3 sets of relatives come and stay there and they've all been very comfortable. You can get en-suite rooms with TVs and they get cleaned regularly.
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Response by poster: Thanks for pointing me to the earlier thread...not sure how I missed it in my initial search.
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Academy Hotel

Clean, pleasant, inexpensive, near the British Museum. I'm staying there this week.
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The tag search lets you find previous questions involving London and Hotels
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We used hotwrite in August and got a great hotel for under $200 (would have been much more). I'd select a central location and only 4 or 5 stars - that way you should end up with a good hotel in a decent location.

Otherwise, I rely on tripadvisor. Check that out if you haven't already.
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Morgan Hotel starts at, I think, 80 Pounds per night. We stayed there and it was fine. Lots of stairs, literally right next to / around a corner from the British Museum, in the Bloomsbury district. Very cool place.
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The Best Western Mostyn Hotel is about 100 bucks a night. It's in a great location -- right off Oxford Street -- and I enjoyed my stay there three years ago very much.
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