No linear tag based navigation examples?
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I need some examples of sites that use cloud tags for (main) navigation and/or have a sort of tear off or pinned navigation system to remember frequently used pages customized to the user.

I have been posed with a design challenge to create a large site (200+ pages) with no true fixed navigation. Basically they want something like a search box to start your journey and use predictive type to get pages that match the "Tags" you are search and as you locate pages you can Pin them to you own personal nav tool so you do not need to remember your search terms afterward. The end result is a nonlinear navigation of the site with bookmarks to quickly get you back to the pages you deemed important.
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Many of these services have been thinking about this problem for a long time. Check out the social bookmarking, social cataloging, media sharing, and many others. Of these, I'm still fond of Delicious's /tags/username view as one approach.
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