Help me pay 12 months of premiums for 3 months of coverage
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I live overseas for 10 months a year. I am finding it very difficult to get health insurance. No preexisting conditions, no smoking, not obese, but I am only barely a resident of California, and this seems to be a tripping point. All I want is a basic, high deductible plan for emergencies. I am currently covered in Virginia (from a while back, never told them I moved), but since my residency is California now, they probably won't cover me. What are my options? I just spent 4 hours on applications and was turned down every time. Everything else I see on google looks dodgy.
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Response by poster: I should add: I do not want travel insurance. I handle that separately. I need coverage for when I am in the US. Some travel insurance outfits offer some options here, but it is usually basic, expensive, and frankly it always seems a little sketchy.
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Where do you live the rest of the time?
I travel to the US often, and I have an insurance package here(in Dubai) that also covers me when I'm in the US, as long as it's not for more than 90 days of the previous 180. Maybe you could get insurance in your other place of residence that will cover you 'internationally' - which from their perspective includes the US.
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Response by poster: I live in Senegal now, but will probably be moving to Nairobi. I am not a resident, though.
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How about this - Global Citizen Health Insurance

"HTH's premier international health insurance plan, tailored for long-term global living with worldwide, annually renewable major medical coverage in and out of the U.S."
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Response by poster: Do you know anyone who has used HTH? I appreciate the link, but I am hoping for some insight beyond the google results.
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...And looking at their premium prices...really good and comparable to what you'd pay in the states...probably because as soon as you leave the US, healthcare gets considerably less expensive. :(
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I am currently covered in Virginia (from a while back, never told them I moved)

You're still making monthly/quarterly/whatever payments for this?
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Response by poster: Yes. Still paying, because if nothing else, it keeps me within the 60 day qualifying window should something some up as a preexisting condition. I guess. Honestly I'm not sure that logic is sound, but I do spend a month or so a year there, and I saw no reason to worry about it until now, with the state residency change.
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Response by poster: For the sakes of others looking here: HTH has some bad reviews on lonely planet, but looks quite legit as a company. They use Aetna's network inside the US.
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I've lived overseas for 9 years and have usually had company insurance. I did work a 1099 contract once and I bought health insurance from International Medical Group and never had a problem with them. The coverage was for me, the wife, and two kids; we lived on 3 continents (Asia, Europe, and the US) at that point and all we had to do was pay the doctor bill ourselves and then file for reimbursement. They never questioned a claim and cut us a check within two weeks.

Some expat buddies of mine use MultiNational Underwriters and have no complaints.
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