Help us get through the "Great Escape" level of Rolando!
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Help us get through the "Great Escape" level of Rolando!

My three-year-old son and I would like help completing the iPhone/iPod Touch game "Rolando".

We're stuck at the very end of the "Great Escape" level, where you have to bounce the bombs on the trampoline over the green water to break down the walls. We keep getting blown up or falling into the water, and on the rare occasions we get through the first wall, the second one seems too far away.

So, a specific walkthrough/hint for that would be great, but also any links to sites where this stuff might already be found? I'm not much of a gamer so I don't really know how to find things like this. Googling hasn't been much help.
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GameFAQs is the be-all and end-all of game walkthrough sites, though there's nothing there for Rolando, yet.

I know squat about iPhone games, so if Rolando is a recent release, maybe wait a week or two and a FAQ might show up!
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Best answer: Looks like there are some answers here.
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Response by poster: Thanks Rinku!

That got us through. If anyone has any hints about the very last level, which is a real puzzler, let me know.
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