Spanish Metafilter, existe?
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Are there any Spanish-language metafilters out there? Could not find anything for all I tried.
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Not that I know of. What with the tendency to extreme flaming along political/national/sports divisions, the very lax (ok, almost nonexistent) enforcement against linking to warez/MP3s/other pirated stuff, and the fantastic trolling-as-a-hobby acts that are the norm, I really doubt the"metafilter-like idea" ever had much of a chance of evolving into a sizable and continuing online community in the Spanish language web. At least here in Argentina, the quality of discussion forums and link sharing tends to be depressing. (The pirating-linking, on the other hand, sometimes would make all those rapidsharers up north blush in comparison.)
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Can I hijack this question and ask if there are any non-English Metafilters?

Is there a German, French, Chinese, Japanese, &c. Metafilter? Or are we unique?
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There was a French MetaFilter-like called Madame Martin but it has closed.
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I'm not aware of any Spanish MeFis. The online communities in Chile, at least, are about as cogent and relevant as Youtube comment threads.
I doubt there are any non-metafilter metafilters at all, in any language.
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This isn't quite what you're looking for, but here are some previous posts (from about Spanish-language blogs and web sites:






Hey, if you find something particularly nice, please post it on this thread, as I'm sure that many of us would be interested. Myself, I mainly read the Radio Netherlands site (in Spanish, of course) and the BBC Mundo; both have lots of good content and reader comments.
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There is usually some decent film bantering over the forums of Cineismo and the reader comments on articles at Otros Cines, to mention two niche sites that are themselves pretty worthwhile browsing around.
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