Finding a 14" +/- Maroon/Burgundy notebook
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Help me achieve "life time hero status" by locating and purchasing a new Gateway TC7307u notebook or similar maroon/burgundy notebook.

Our Goddaughter is graduating from college in early May and we are getting her a new laptop to replace the tired machine she received when graduating from H.S. I have been assured life time "Hero Status" if we can find one that meets her specifications and is maroon or burgundy. The new Gateway TC7307u meets and exceeds her hopes.
I have searched every where and can not find a retail seller who is handling them yet. They were announced in early Feb--I have searched all the retailers they identify--Amazon, Best Buy, Tiger,Comp USA, Office Depot/Max, etc. I wrote both Gateway and Best Buy and received canned responses with a link to their web sites. I checked E-Bay. I was able to find them in Shanghai for $600.00 more than USA initial selling price Help me locate one or get an actual retail release date

I am open to other computers--basics; Maroon/Burgundy, 2MB + Ram, 5 lbs. +/- a few ounces, 13-14" screen, 160 G + HD. I want to keep it under $900. Please do not suggest going just a bit and getting a ?????. I dearly love her but at $900 I am already a bit over. She is a journalist and will be using it for word processing, email, misc videos, occasional movies and surfing. If I give up on the maroon/burgundy it is a snap so I need your help finding the right color. I have determined the Gateway M series which is burgundy is to heavy. It is a fall back if all else fails.
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Are you open to painting the PC or covering the case with a burgundy vinyl wrapper?
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A Sony VIAO CS in Sangria Red might fit the bill. It's $790 and has all the specs you mention (2GB RAM/5.7lbs/14"/160GB HD)

Pro tip: Pay the extra $50 for the Core 2 Duo processor, since it's much faster than the base model, and the extra $50 for Windows Vista Business so that you can get the "Fresh Start" option – a scam by Sony so they don't install a ton of trial-ware/crap-ware on the machine before you get it.
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Dell has a line of Inspiron notebooks that come in Ruby Red - here's a side-by-side comparison of their color schemes. The Inspiron 1420 looks the closest to what you're trying to find in terms of specs.
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