What do you get when you become a US citizen?
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Is there some kind of... "welcome to US Citizenship" gift basket?

I was wondering if, when people become US Citizens (or as part of the process), what, if anything, they are given as... keepsakes, or "what you should know" or whatever.

For example... Do they get copies of the founding documents? If so, are they nice copies, or just a pamphlet with the text?

Does it vary by location? Are there organizations hat distribute such things?
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The Daughters of the American Revolution distributes American flags to all newly-minted citizens. (At least in many places, is my understanding.) You get a flag as you walk away from receiving your naturalization certificate. Mine is still proudly displayed in my office from when I got it in 2006.

They also encourage you to do your voter's registration when you walk away from the ceremony. So your voter registration card is part of the "welcome basket" if you will.
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In Philadelphia, I received a certificate of citizenship with George W. Bush's signature. I also received a copy of the Constitution in pamphlet form and a small American flag. This was provided by the INS office before I went into the ceremony room with roughly 40 other people. I'm not sure where my copy of the Constitution and flag are kept, but I still have my certificate.
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These may help:
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We gave our neighbors an American flag when they became citizens. We called our Congressman and requested a flag that had been flown over the U.S.Capitol Building. The neighbors loved it. The govt has that program where a flag is run up the pole for a few seconds and taken down. It will take several days to get one. I do not recall how long, actually, but it was not a long wait.
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Response by poster: Those previouslies are good, but I'm wondering not so much what I can get new citizens as to what they already get.

Essentially, there are things I think should be given, and I'm interested in working on that... or at least it's one of those stray ideas that popped in my head about two hours ago... but first off I need to know what they already get, either from the government or existing institutions.
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I don't recall getting anything but my certificate of naturalization when I was naturalized in Atlanta in 2003. Voter registration cards and passport applications were available to pick up, but they were not handed to us.

Personally, I would have been offended by a non-governmental entity presuming to know "what I should know" to be a U.S. citizen, especially since I had to pass a test on U.S. history and government to become naturalized.
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I gave a buddy of mine a cowboy hat and boots.

He lives in Queens and is Pakistani. According to his wife, he wears them all the time. If you see a Pakistani guy in a cowboy hat and boots wandering around New York say hi for me.
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There was a local group that registered people to vote after the swearing in ceremonies. Other than that there is nothing here in Milwaukee. I don't think it makes sense for the government to give them freebies but local groups should be allowed to give them coupon books, keepsakes, flags, or whatever. Any fraternal organization would be likely to be involved.
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I gave a friend a little toy flag, a baseball, and an apple pie.
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In January 2009 I got the certificate and a letter from my Senator. That's all. It will vary by location; my parents got flags from DotAR, I got nowt.
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