Cheapest way to cover my feet?
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Where is the cheapest place (online) to buy a large number of identical plain white "no-show" socks?

I always am wearing through my socks, but unlike a previous person, I just want to buy socks that are cheap enough that I don't need to worry about destroying them after a while.

I used to buy these old navy socks, but the price has gone up.

Any one have any suggestions? I am not picky about brand, or getting really fancy ones, but I do want all the socks to be identical, preferably as close to solid white as possible (i.e. no grey heel). I prefer the no-show style socks that ride pretty low on the ankle. Around $1 or less per pair would be ideal

Bonus points if the same store also sells black socks in the same style.
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I was at Target yesterday and they had a bunch of socks like that for $1 each. They weren't in packs, just on the racks with the other socks. I know that's not online, but it might be worth checking there.
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ebay? You can usually get large lots of stuff.
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If you know someone with a Costco membership, they have cheap ten packs of no-show socks. I can only confirm the sustained presence of multi-color women's socks, but I would be surprised if they didn't have the same for men, in white and maybe black.
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Best answer: A few years ago, I threw away 100% of my white socks and bought Haynes (ankle high white athetic socks) and Gold Toe (long dress blacks) from Costco. I bought something insane- like 100 pairs.

I believe only one sock has worn out, and the upside is I don't have to mix and match after laundry.

I cannot recommend this strongly enough! The secret is, YOU MUST THROW AWAY YOUR OLD SOCKS.
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i would look at sam's club or costco -- if you dont have a membership find one of your friends/someone you know who does and go. they have a ton of no-show and other (ankle high, etc) socks

off the top of my head i cant think if they have dress socks though... (my experience is with sams fwiw)
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Response by poster: crazy ray: that is pretty much exactly what I was thinking about doing. Thanks everyone who suggested costco, don't know why I hadn't thought of that.

Thanks all!!
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