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Will inhaled propylene glycol vapor become lactic acid and cause sore muscles?

More specifically, will inhaling the vapor of about 1.5-2ml of propylene glycol every day from an electronic cigarette (previously in the blue) lead to sore muscles? It's been suggested/asked elsewhere, but without a definitive and satisfying answer.
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If you read the Wikipedia entry on lactic acid, it says it is not directly responsible for muscle fatigue, rather it is your body's inability to produce ATP fast enough during heavy exercise, and the hydrolysis of ATP takes over and your blood pH drops. Since you'd probably not be electronically smoking and running a 5k, my guess is no.
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See this previous question - lactic acid doesn't cause sore muscles.
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Most of the answers on the previous question linked are well, shall we say profoundly ignorant on energy subsystems and metabolic byproducts.

That said, there's little to suggest that lactic acid correlates strongly with post workout soreness. Most solid research on the subject suggests an enzyme (or a few) that are used in removing damaged tissue and rebuilding new tissue irritate the nerve endings in your muscles and cause post workout soreness.

Try an experiment on yourself, pick a workout, hours of sleep, meals day before etc. and do a workout without the cigarette, then wait 2-3 weeks for the training adaptation to go away and try the workout again with a cig, compare...
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