How do you handle throat pain during cold weather running?
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Cold weather do you handle throat pain? Do lozenges/hard candy work? Simple hydration while running? I've got a leg in a relay marathon next month and need to get ready.
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How cold are we talking, here? If it's above freezing, I've always been ok as long as I stayed hydrated and kept my ears warm.
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Response by poster: Should be above freezing...probably low 40's the morning of the run. Does keeping your ears warm really help your throat?
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Sorta. With me, if it's in the 30s and I'm running with my ears uncovered, I get an ache in the tubes that run from my throat to my ears. I don't know if that's a common problem, though. Could just be me.
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when it's really cold I run wearing two t-shirts, a tracksuit and with a wool cap on. I maybe look kinda silly, but I don't get pneumonia that way, also I don't see anybody running in shorts when it's really cold. and those who do, sport funny violet-colored legs.

drinking warm, caffeine-free herbal tea sweetened with honey before and after I run seems to work well. immediately afterwards I have a very, very hot shower.

and remember to dry your hair thoroughly after the shower, UJ
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