Which quake engine (or other) is best to start cutting my teeth on as far as modding?
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Which quake engine (or other) is best to start cutting my teeth on as far as modding?

I'm looking to do a bit of modding of a game engine. Nothing too extreme just something to get started and learn some things as I go.
First off I'm just thinking modding how the weapons work.
With an end goal of making weapons work more true to real life. I know for example most weapons in the quake II engine are hit scan, and have no travel time (other than the rocket) [I think].

Anyway I'm looking for an engine that would be the best to start with. I've never modded a game before (done some mapping) I can program at a very amateur level, but I work with what I know, and figure out what I can't.

So what engine is gonna be the easiest for me to use, and get started modding. Something with a few tutorials as far as how to compile and run the mod would be good too.

Also what's the best FREE IDE to use, for game modding?
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Best answer: My own project, but, ioquake3.org is pretty good...
There are a bunch of half-completed projects out there like navy seals that have realisticish weapons where you can check out the source and then apply that to an ioquake3.org game.
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Source Engine, from Valve. Lots of existing projects, good editor.
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this is the download page for that navy seals mod, which should have somewhat realistic gun play in the quake 3 engine. Keep in mind that you can get a lot of millage out of the quake 3 engine still, cod4/5 are still (loosely) based on it at the core.
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Source is proprietary and costs money and licensing fees, doesn't it?
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source engine is open for regular modding, it isn't free software. FWIW the easiest map editor I've come across on a modern engine is the map editor included with Far Cry 2.
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