Need a freeware Mac app for running email lists.
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I need a direct e-mail system which will take a list of (opt-in, I swear!) email addresses, send out html-email to them, and clean up the suscriber list for bounces. Any freeware apps to do this on a Mac?
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You'll have better luck using a server-based option than trying to run a mail server on a local machine. For one thing, you risk being added to a black hole list. Do you have a web host or something like that that might have mailing list software included in their package?
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Why not use a hosted thing like Yahoo groups or NotifyList?

Both are free and will handle all the user management for you.
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is there even a free-ware list to do this on a PC? i don't know of one.

but i can tell you this: avoid topica - email sent from their servers is marked as spam and not even delivered to many ISPs (verizon/earthlink/mindspring)
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If you go the web server route, ListMessenger is pretty good. I've been using the free version and been very happy with it.

Here's the free version
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Response by poster: Well, it's a commercial venture, so I wouldn't want "hosted by YAHOO!" anywhere in the mail.
Don't know about the ISP option, as we would want a lot of control over it, and wouldn't want to hand over the suscriber list to anybody.
ListMessenger looks interesting, I'll look into it.

Thanks all.
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Constant Contact.

Disclaimer: I practically work for them. Well, I work for a partner that does nearly all of their customization and design work. But it's a decent service, very commited to not being spammers and it has the functionality it sounds like you're looking for.
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