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GameFilter. What are your favorite two (or more) player games for X-Box or PS2? We want to go buy a bunch to play together on those long winter nights. Suggestions? We are game geeks and like just about anything.
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GTA: Vice City gave me months of playing entertainment but is a solo venture. I've just started with San Andreas and its impressively bigger and better for the most part.

The nice thing with San Andreas is they've added a two player mode. Haven't played it yet but it does have two player capability now.

And you can't go wrong with Madden 2005.
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Two recent releases which I recommend are X-Men Legends and Burnout 3. X-Men Legends is a top-down bash em up and it supports up to 4 players. Burnout 3 only supports 2 to my knowledge, but it's really a lot of fun (and I'm not usually one for racing games). Both of these games are available for both systems.

Fuzion Frenzy is a cheap little game that's a blast with 4 players. It's XBox only.
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Halo 2 supports up to four players, plus Xbox Live.
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Soul Calibur 2.
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A little game called Halo 2 might fit the bill.

Also consider using Gamefly (a service like Netflix but for videogames) so you're not just dropping $50/title to get you through the cold season. That way you can check out several games and just buy the ones you think will offer some longetivity.
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No way you could be converted to GameCube? I've found that the best for fun multiplayer games (SmashBros, Mario Golf, Mario Kart, soon Mario Tennis, etc), but will freely admit my Nintendo-bias.

My PS2 sits largely ignored except for GTAs, while my proposed purchase of an Xbox recently was trumped by a preorder for the Nintendo DS.

A nice deep RPG might be up your alley. If you take turns playing, it can be a pretty good communal activity (almost like a jigsaw puzzle if you pick a deep enough game).
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Yeah, I just got Halo 2 and am liking it quite a bit so far. I doubt I'll budge from in front of the TV for most of tomorrow. I also recommend Rainbow Six 3 if you've got an Xbox Live account and enjoy the FPS thing.
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I own all the current generation consoles, so, not sure what kind of budget you're working with, but I've found the Nintendo Gamecube to have some of the best party/friend games. Super Smash Brothers, Super Monkey Ball 2, Mario Party 5, WarioWare and Mario Kart come to mind. You can pick up a Cube now for I think $99 and rent games or buy some of the "classic" ones for a reasonable price. Another intriguing title for the Cube is Zelda: Legend of the 4-Swords which allows up to 4 player to play together to solve puzzles using Gameboy Advances as controllers, which opens up a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics. Heavier upfront investment, though, if you don't have any Nintendo gear to begin with.

Ebay is also a good resource for picking up older games if you don't want to rent.

Another avenue might be RPGs, where you can either go through the story "together" alternating turns, or some action-RPGs (like a recent Final Fantasy, VIII maybe? on PS2) where an additional player can take control of a supporting character during battles.

Halo 1 is also a great game to play co-operatively as well, and can be found for cheap now that H2 is out.

Crimson Skies is another good multiplayer (and Live enabled Xbox game).

Any sports game should also work, though they aren't my cup of tea. I can recommend Top Spin tennis, though, which plays amazingly well and appeals even to my non-sports ideal.

Another PS2 investment to consider is an Eyetoy, Sony's USB camera game system which includes a disc of minigames, and a couple of other titles are now available. Get a few friends (even non gamers) with a few beers in them, and I defy you not to cramp up with laughter as your friends wildly kung-fu fight imaginary objects in the room.
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Yeah, two-player doesn't get much better than Halo co-op, IMO. I couldn't bring my Xbox across the ocean with me, so, unfortunately, it'll be months before I can play Halo 2. : (
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I can think of no surer way to get rid of my friends than to invite them over to take turns playing a console RPG.
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I agree with the Gamecube statement. If I play games they're on the computer. Since my friends aren't computer-saavy I play Gamecube with them. In fact the sole reason I bought the Gamecube was for Super Smash. It's well worth the price.

Burnout is an amazing game (I played it for the PS2, I don't know if an XBOX version exists). I remember we rented it and had very low expectations. You get to crash cars and earn points. Everything must be unlocked it seems (a downside in my opinion, I hate having to play a game for 14 hours to get levels and cars). Did I mention that you get to crash cars and derive points from that? Since each crash is spectacular and lasts only a minute tops, it's great as the controller gets passed around a lot.
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Winning Eleven 8
1 or 2 or X players.
soccer heaven.
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Yeah really, most of the good multiplayer games are for the Gamecube.

As far as PS2 goes, the 2-player mode in Tenchu 2 is pretty fun if you like stealth-type games.
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Matteo's suggestion is seconded. Winning Eleven is fantastic.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions - The girl is uber woot over GTA SA having 2 player. We are also thinking a gamecube would round out the console colletion nicely. Thanks again! I love askme.
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I really liked SSX when I had the chance to play. Two player racing is pretty fun. Don't know much about the sequels.
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Get SingStar for the PS2. You will also need alchohol.
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I've had GameCube for a while, but I just bought an Xbox specifically to get Burnout 3, which is not being published for the Gamecube.

And yes, Burnout 3 really is that good. The most rewarding multiplayer mode has got to be road rage, in which the two players are trying to be the first to crash ten other cars before destroying their own car. Mmm, good stuff!

As for the comment that you have to unlock a lot of stuff, that's true, but it works out really well. First of all, the high-end cars are a real challenge and did frustrate me when I played them, unearned, on a friend's console. By the time I unlocked them on my copy, I had learned the control necessary to enjoy using them. Second, the pace at which reward content is handed out is insanely generous. For the first dozen or so hours of play it's practically rewarding you with some new tidbit(s) every race.
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We have a GameCube and a PS2 and almost never use the PS2 for multiplayer (Our PS1 multiplayer tap doesn't seem to work on it). But as mentioned above, there are some awesome multiplayer games for the GameCube, our favorite being Mario Party and Monkey Ball.

If you want to go retro though, the PS1 has some good multiplayer games. Crash Team Racing is awesome fun (NOT Crash Nitrocart, sheesh, what a disappointment). Crash Bash is also fun.
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I just used the word "awesome" twice in the same post. I promise I am not 12.
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I can't believe there's all this Gamecube multiplayer talk, yet no mention of Donkey Konga.
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I will third or fourth Burnout 3. A lot of fun, especially in groups.

I also find that games like Halo2 are fun with groups because you can either go hunting each other, or fight as teammates. There is also a karoake game for Xbox that is a blast if that fits your crowd.
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third (?) the recommendation of winning eleven if you can get into a soccer game. WE7 is my favorite ps2 game ever and I originally bought the console because I'm an rpg freak, so that's saying something. I don't think WE8 is out in north america yet though I would love to be wrong about that.
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I can't believe no one has mentioned Star Wars Battlefront. We were addicted to playing that together, until Halo 2 which just came out. (and is fun so far)

and I'm not usually one for video games.
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I bought a Gamecube just so my girlfriend and I could play Donkey Konga. What a blast, except it kills your hands after a while. If you are remotely interested in buying a Gamecube, there's a new bundle that I wish I could have bought a month ago... platinum Gamecube, two wired controllers and Mario Kart for $99. I've only seen it at Target so far.

As far as PS2 and Xbox games, Burnout is a great series. I haven't bought the third one yet, but I have no doubt it's as good as the previous two. I really like Amped 2, but haven't played two player. Top Spin is the best tennis video game ever, IMO.

It's only one player, but you absolutely must must MUST buy Katamari Damacy for the PS2. It's only $20 and it's the most original game I've bought all year.
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Super Monkey Ball 2, Mario Party 5, WarioWare and Mario Kart

Yes. Add to that Tony Hawk 3, Katamari Damacy, Donkey Konga, ets.
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I can't believe there's all this Gamecube multiplayer talk, yet no mention of Donkey Konga.

Fuck yes! OMG that game is so much fun. Just watch! (amberglow and dorian, you guys really missed out ;)
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Katamari Damacy does have a two-player mode. It's pretty basic, however (a relatively small arena-type area with lots of objects, try to get the bigger katamari, and you can ram your opponent to dislodge objects or pick up your opponent's katamari if yours is big enough).
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Add to that Tony Hawk 3, Katamari Damacy, Donkey Konga, ets.

I thought Katamari Damacy was only on PS2.
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ssx3 for the ps2
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