How to run a good batch in photoshop?
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Photoshop batching produces files suffixed with an increasing amount of zeroes.

With the settings DocName + 2 Digit Serial + Extension and starting number of 0 or 00 or blank, it always produces:


Instead of:


I have no idea what to do at this point, I can't get it to do what you'd think it would. I keep remaking my Actions to no avail.

Photoshop CS3 - Vista - Lots of RAM
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Try starting number: 1. Not 01 or 0001, just 1.
posted by oulipian at 5:22 AM on March 11, 2009

01 0101 010101

posted by Submiqent at 5:32 AM on March 11, 2009

So your Batch settings are:

Box 1: Document Name (selected from the drop-down, not typed in)
Box 2: 2 Digit Serial Number (selected from the drop-down, not typed in)
Box 3: extension (selected from the drop-down, not typed in)
Starting serial#: 1

Is that right? I don't know why that would produce the results you're describing, unless it's something in your Action that's messing it up. Did you click "Override Action Save As"?
posted by oulipian at 5:50 AM on March 11, 2009

Yep all that. My Actions are Save > Move layers left a bit > Save, repeat. I'm splitting a larger image into a bunch of tiles for a game.
posted by Submiqent at 6:02 AM on March 11, 2009

Just in case it matters, have you applied the Adobe Photoshop 10.0.1 update for Adobe Photoshop CS3? I don't see anything in the release notes about this specific issue but you never know.
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Maybe you can just ignore Photoshop and batch rename files with some renaming tool like Lupas Rename?
posted by leigh1 at 7:33 AM on March 11, 2009

Can you post a screenshot of the settings?
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I can't tell why it's doing that from your descriptions. If you're in a hurry, just let Photoshop generate the images with the wonky names and then batch rename them using Adobe Bridge.
posted by oulipian at 8:27 AM on March 11, 2009

I updated to 10.0.1, no dice, so I'll just re-rename them. Thanks
posted by Submiqent at 5:52 PM on March 11, 2009

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