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Planning a working holiday to Canada, and need advice on travel insurance...

Planning a working holiday to Canada, with possible side travel through the US and Europe. Looking into travel insurance and have been warned about being wary of those policies with limits on dental. Is this really something I ought to be concerned with? Never really had dental problems, already had wisdom teeth out etc. What are typical prices for dental procedures in Canada?

Also, does anyone know of a website/company to get cheap travel insurance for an Australian? Best I've seen for a comprehensive policy is about $870 AUD for 12 months.

Posting for a friend on this one.
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Get a good checkup and all necessary work done before you leave, and baring an accident, you should be just fine.
That's all the Navy did before they sent us out for a few months on the sub. They wanted to ensure nobody would wake up in agony with a cavity or gum problems.

I would guess most dental problems arise slowly.
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