Where to get a beard trim in London?
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Where can you get a good beard and moustache trim/style in London that isn't too expensive?

I've just grow out a beard and fancied getting a pro job done to make it look good. I don't quite want to pay for an expensive gentleman's place though.

FWIW, I am young with long hair. But I don't want an overly modish facial hairstyle, just to look like a good job.
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Any decent barber shop will probably do a beard trim for about £5-15. I go to one on Leather Lane near Hatton Garden (not for a beard trim, but it's on their list of services).
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That's a good point. I wonder if anyone can recommend anyone who's good at beards though. When I used to go to barbers it was extremely hit and miss, and it seems that even the good ones might not get much practice with different beard styles.
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I cannot vouch for them, but these people do a beard trim for £6 including complimentary drink (a real drink apparently, not just an instant coffee). The link is to the Wimbledon branch, but they also operate inside Moss Bros in Covent Garden.
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Ah, yeah, I've seen them when I've been in there hiring evening dress. They looked pretty swank (straight razors, hot towels and all that), so maybe give them a go, especially if it's £6.
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Ooh...gotta be worth a try. Cheers Lads, I'll try and remember to post here if they're good.
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I used the barbers outside leytonstone station. V good.
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