Give me more Denpa Shonen!
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JapaneseGameShowFilter: I watched the Nasubi series of Denpa Shonen (進ぬ!電波少年) on Hulu and I want to see more, especially the rest of Denpa Shōnen teki Mujinto Dasshutsu (the first 2 episodes are on Joost). I saw this question, but I want to see this specific show. I do not speak/read Japanese, so English subtitles are required.
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YouTube is your best bet for Japanese TV shows. Here are results for Denpa Shonen.

Japan is terrible for distributing television content on the Internet. Generally speaking, no major broadcaster does it, so most of what you can find on the Internet has been uploaded by someone with a PVR.
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And a quick search of seems to indicate 電波少年 isn't even offered as a DVD compilation (probably something about the reason for why the show was canceled).

As for titles, since the show hasn't been exported to an English-speaking market, it's really up to fans to create the subtitles.
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