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Is this real and, if so, where is it?

Does anyone know if the picture in this blog post is real and, if it is, where that office is?
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I can't find an original source, but here's a picture of it from a different angle.
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here's another pic of the same thing.
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It apparently used to be hosted on the UC Berkeley website, but the page is 404'd.
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The UC Berkeley hit is from the humour page of a building relocation committee.
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I'm almost positive I've read that the office is in Europe. I want to say Denmark, but I'm a lot less positive about that.
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If you look closely at the monitors on the far side of the tank, there doesn't appear to be any refraction. I'm guessing fake.
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If it were just one photo, I'd go along with the shopping theory, but with two it seems less likely. That's a lot of trouble to go to.

And while it's pretty unusual it doesn't seem either impossible or inherently ridiculous.

The photo has been around since 2004, so I may have seen it without identification before, but I seem to remember the same thing that hootch does. Tineye search only turns up funny photo sites with no provenance, though.
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Corroboration of similar excess, at least, from the NYT:
To Swim With the Sharks, Have a Big Tank
The author is Jayson Blair, but the Predictive Systems tank is corroborated elsewhere.

It's possible that it's a Bloomberg facility -- either the news operation or the bullpen at City Hall.
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Here it is again. I doubt this is what their office actually looks like, but if anyone is curious enough you could call them and ask.
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