OK, these holes in my gloves are getting out of hand...
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Can anyone recommend some good men's winter gloves similar to this style that I can order online in Canada?

I'm looking for some casual winter gloves similar to the style above. After a mall crawl nobody seems to be carrying winter gloves this late in the season. I like the knitted style, and the ones I currently have are thicker than the ones I linked to due to an inner liner but otherwise the same. I got them from the GAP and they started getting holes in them almost right away. I have an aversion to wool, but I don't mind as long as there is a liner. They have leather pads on the palms and fingers which is a bonus. I'm essentially looking for the same thing I had but more durable if that is possible.
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Response by poster: Well, one bit of progress, I think the style of gloves is called Ragg gloves.
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Better late than never, but how about Fox River Mid Weight Ragg Gloves from MEC?
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