Parents coming to visit in NY. Where should I take them?
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Parents coming to visit in NY. Where should I take them?

My parents are coming to visit me in New York for a week in late March. They are in their 60's, have been all over the world and like to try new things. I want to take them to see some great stuff around the city, but there's one problem - they don't speak a word of English. They have been many times to NY in the past so all the obvious touristy stuff has been done already.

An example of what I'm looking for: last time they were here I took them to the ballet (Kirov) and to a couple of lowbrow shows (Fuerzabruta and Blue Man Group). They loved it all.

So, what can I do with them that they'll like and will be able to enjoy even with the language barrier? I know you know the answer, hive mind.

P.S.: I'd like to avoid Broadway musicals if possible. They would probably like it, but I fucking hate musicals. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park? Coney Island? A crazy sometimes puppetry! show at St. Anne's Warehouse in DUMBO with some ice cream or delicious chocolate (man, I miss that place) while you view Manhattan? A walk along the upper, upper west side to see the Little Red Lighthouse, if you don't know the story, the river is still lovely.
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Wait, your parents are visiting and you can't put up with a two-hour musical for their sake?

I was going to suggest Cirque du Soleil, but it doesn't begin until April. Maybe it might help us if you tell us a little more about what they've already seen.
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I'll take your parents to a musical :)
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I would recommend a musical if there where any good musicals playing /theatresnob

(okay Guys and Dolls is playing, that chestnut, and South Pacific is at Lincoln Center has some nice melodies. You can put up with some trilling for your parents)

Have they been to the Top Of Rockefeller Center? It's opened recently and beats the ESB, hands down, for fuckin' amazing' views. Plus, it should be warmer.

If you have the money The Metropolitan Opera is a must and usually performed in the original language, so it'll be mutually incomprehensible.
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The Whelk, Hapiiness at Lincoln Center is great.
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Best answer: Have your parents yet been to the DIA: Beacon? That's a pretty good day trip.
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Best answer: the 92nd St Y has an extensive concert/dance series.

Off the top of my head, On a friday or Saturday, have an early dinner someplace pricey on the east side ( Lets say Serafina ) Then go to the Met (it's open til 9:30 on Fri-Sat) to view the new Galleries (the New Greco-Roman Wing and the Expanded Egyptian Wing.) and then take a cab to the 92st Y for an 8oclock-9 o'clock concert.
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Best answer: How about PS1, MoMA's contemporary art museum in Queens? Always lots of fun, and definitely off the beaten path.
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Circle Line Tour around Manhattan, I took it about a year ago and it was excellent.
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