Jack Bauer's Ring Tone
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What is Jack Bauer's cell phone ring tone?

I'm on a quest for a new ringtone for my phone, and having a preference for things that aren't music but still have some sort of dorkiness to them, I've decided that I would love to have the ring tone that Jack Bauer (and tons of other people on 24) use.

I'm NOT talking about the CTU ringtone, the old "dootdoot, DEEEdoot" which you can find in a billion and a half places on the internet; I already have that, but it seems somewhat... passe since there is no longer a CTU. Also, everybody and their mother has that ringer.

I've heard the cell phone ringtone on other shows, which leads me to believe that it's an actual ringtone on an actual cell phone. If anyone has any idea what it is or (preferably) where I could download it, please help! My phone can do mp3s, so pretty much any file I could convert would be useful.
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Are you in the US? Could you point to a moment in an episode on Hulu where his phone rang so we can all hear it?
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>My phone can do mp3s, so pretty much any file I could convert would be useful.

Record the show, transcode, trim, and ta-daa!
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Here you go.
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Sorry, miraimatt. Not enough attention to detail. Belay my last.
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That's the exact ringtone they don't want.

I've been "skimming" through a few Hulu episodes, but I can only find Jack calling other people. A video clip would really help here :)
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help so far, everyone - the hulu idea is great. I've got to go to bed right now, but tomorrow I'll definitely find it in an episode on hulu and post the link in here.
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I have, as my ringtone, the chi-KUNK noise that the show makes going in and out of commercials. Probably not what you want either, but I like it.
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There are 4 different versions of the CTU ringtone here. Is one of these what you're looking for?
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I found Jacks phone ringing on Episode 8 (3 - 4pm) at the 25:10 mark on Hulu. He's in an SUV and gets a call from the FBI - is this the ring you mean?
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Direct Hulu link to 543DoublePlay's clip, Sorry for those outside the US.
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Response by poster: Wow! Apparently either I misremembered, or Jack Bauer has more than one cell phone, or has a different one this season, or something like that.

Anyway! The ringtone I was thinking of can be found on the cell phone of FBI Director Larry Moss. (hulu link directly to it; apologies to anyone outside the US)

So... that's it right there! Does anyone know what it is? Thanks again for your help, everyone! (suffice to say, the answers posted thus far haven't been what I'm looking for, but thank you anyway!)
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Oh god that's my ringtone from the most basic Nokia phone back in 2002 or there-abouts. It came with the phone. If that helps.
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I'm pretty sure Moss has the Sprint Upstage - an awesomely thin but stupidly designed phone with buttons on both sides, go figure. My sister actually has the phone, so I'll see if it has that ring tone. It certainly does sound like an old Nokia tone, though.
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After watching yesterday's episode, Moss definitely has the UpStage. My sister's phone doesn't have that exact ringtone, so I can't pull it off for you, though it does have 9 similar style ringtones built in.
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And also - they use that ringtone almost every season for somebody. Seems like it was Jack's girlfriend's ringtone two seasons ago.
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