What is the Name of this Indian/New Age CD?
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CD of Indian New Age-y Music?

Had a cassette (end of 90's), with a flowery colorful cover. IIRC the name was Morning Ragas or ~something to that effect~. It definitely had the word *Morning* in it. Was bansuri and tabla in ragas but also had some New Age orchestration as well. Lots of slow build ups to crescendos. No vocals that I recall. It was great wake up music. Lost the cassette and can't find the name of the (now) CD. Long shot. But maybe someone, somewhere knows what great music this is/was.
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Morning Visions by Ali Akbar Khan? I'm not sure what you mean by "new age orchestration" but it definitely has the slow build ups to crescendos and no vocals.
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Nope. Not that one. If I recall correctly it was electronically enhanced to make it sound either like there was an orchestra or else it was simulated.
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