What's the name of short 1970's ballet film set to Pachelbel?
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Hive mind, please help: I'm thinking of a short ballet film that came out in the 1970's (1975?). There is no plot -- it's basically a pas de deux, set to Pachelbel's Canon in D.

I think I saw it in 1976 or so, just before Pachelbel really crossed over into the mainstream.

A ballet dancer goes into a rehearsal studio. She starts warming up, begins dancing. Her partner joins her, and the emotion of the dance increases to passionate heights. The music ends and they leave the studio, a wistful smile on her face as if they've shared something more than just a practice.

What was that film? Is it online anywhere?
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Perhaps it is an NFB film called Pas de Deux by Norman McLaren.
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Seconding McLaren's Pas de deux, a brilliant film.
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strangely enough, Pas de Deux was just posted to the blue by Sparx
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Oh my gosh. I saw this film about 12 or so years ago at a film festival, and was most certainly too chemically altered to bother finding out what it was then. Not knowing what it was has mildly haunted me ever since.

Thank you Araucaria for asking this and thanks all for answering!
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Response by poster: jammy, not strange at all, if you note my comment on the post you link to. The short I'm thinking of was filmed in color and had no special effects other than camera position. McLaren's is in black and white, with Romanian pan-flute accompaniment.

I think it was called "The Rehearsal" or something like that ...
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