Does this piano software exist?
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When I learned to touch type, I used software where the letters appeared and did not go until I had pressed the right key. I was wondering if there is any similar software for reading music but with a usb/midi keyboard. I know it wouldn't be much use for improving timing, but it would help with learning notes and possibly chords too.

I am also interested to know what other free internet/ software you have found useful while learning to read music.
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I don't know of one for a real keyboard, but Dr Kawashima's Brain Training Game does this with an on-screen keyboard. It's pretty simplistic (one octave, no chords) but it does fit your description. Notes flash up and don't go away until you press the right key. You get graded on speed and accuracy.
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Best answer: Jalmus. (free, open source & multi platform)

And it is of use for improving timing, you learn more complex melodies & rhythms as you progress.
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Response by poster: Jalmus is great. Thank you Mesofilter.
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