Lunch and fun near Union Station?
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Where should we eat lunch, etc. that is in walking distance of Union Station, Los Angeles?

Our 3 year old LOVES trains, so we want to take the family up to Los Angeles from Santa Ana for a day trip on the train. Is there any place cool/interesting to eat lunch that is within walking distance of Union Station? Are there any cool places we could also visit (museum, park, etc.), also within walking distance? Thanks!
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Phillipe's, which is famous for "inventing" the French Dip sandwich, is almost right across the street.
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Olvera Street is across the street. If you wanted to make the trek on Easter Sunday, you could see the Blessing of the Animals, which includes a parade of pets. I've never been to the parade, but have heard it's a sight to see. Chinatown is a couple blocks away, with lots to do including tons of shops that'll make a 3 year-old feel like they're in another country. Grand Central Market is a great spot, with a variety of stalls and shops and food stands. It's a bustling place, and also within walking distance.
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Seconding Philipe's - that place is awesome. They regularly fight with Cole's (off of the jewelry district) for claim to the invention of the French Dip. Very silly. Also, a cup of coffee is nine cents.

There's also El Cielito Lindo, a little taco stand right at the opening of Olvera Street. They have the best taquitos on the planet. Cheap, too. With the guacamole sauce? Oh man. I want some right now.
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I also recommend Philippe's. They have sawdust on the floors which I think kids would find amusing. And I think they have some train memorabilia in there, but I could be wrong.
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Fourthing Phillippes. I cannot believe that people already answered with that. Oh, wait, I can, because it is deliiiiiicious
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The two places that I was going to link are, upon some research, long gone.

So looks like Phillippe's is it!
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I've actually had a really good lunch at the restaurant in the train station, Trax.
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Nting Phillippe's as well.

And if he loves Trains you must take him to Travel Town in Griffith Park. It's an outdoor train museum with many trains to climb on and explore and it's free.
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If you go on a weekend, you can hop on the red line from Union Station up to Vermont/Sunset and catch a $.25 shuttle ride up to the Griffith Observatory.

LADOT Observatory Shuttle schedule
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Philippe's is indeed awesome. As a second choice, though, I have to mention La Luz del Día on Olvera Steet, which has the best tamales and champurrado ever.
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Phillippe's, definitely. Olvera Street street is right there to eat as well/walk around afterwards.
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La Golondrina on Olvera Street is one of my most favorite places ever. It is great weather to sit ouside and people watch. Then you can walk around the shops and dancers.

Traxx, of course, is right in the station. And, thinking about it, is actually a fabulous and highly rated restaurant, and again, another one of my favorites. Again, do eat outside in the courtyard if the weather permits.


Olvera St.
Little Tokyo
Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art
Japanese American Museum
Cornfields (park by Chinatown), sometimes good art events going on.

All these are 1/2 mile or less.

You can also catch the metrorail to downtown, or Pasadena.
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Here is a list of what to see, listed by distance Local Interest

Also, there may be a train museum inside Union Station. I would ask about that. My friends went to a party in the Station with all these old locomotives, as I remember. So if it is not a museum, maybe you could still get a peek.
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Cielito Lindo taquitos on Olvera street . the first stop on the left from the bottom end , and i am sure Phillipes has some train models in cases as previously mentioned. You may need to go to some of the back seating areas to find them but they are there.
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Vaike, your friends went to a party on the tracks to the Northeast of the station, where private owners store their vintage train cars. It's in a desolate area that's hard to reach from the main station, and not open to the public. Instead, go check out the toy train display and circus memorabilia in Philippe across the street.
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Thanks for the correction, Scram. These days, I am glad to get information just in the vicinity of correctness. Brain fried, need vacation...

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