Denim Therapy Experiences?
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Denim Therapy experiences?

I have a number of Lucky Brand jeans (~$90 -- $120) that have developed small holes in the crotch. I've taken one pair to be repaired at a (very well regarded, expensive) tailor, only to have a tear develop along the corners of the patch.

I was ready to give up until I found out about Denim Therapy (mentioned here on AskMe). It almost seems too good to be true, but I'm looking for a little more input before I send my pants off to them.

Has anyone used this service before? It seems a little on the expensive side, but I'd be willing to pay $100 to repair 4 pairs of jeans; I'd definitely rather do that than buy another pair of pants that could just break again in a few months. I'm slightly concerned about how well they reinforce not just the hole but the area around it (all of my blown-out-crotch pants have a slightly gauzey look around the hole area)

Other suggestions about jeans repair and/or other reweaving services are welcome!
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Yes, sadly the Distressed Crotch look is out.

Unless there are competing Denim Therapy camps, it sounds like it works.
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You could try Denim Doctor (in LA, but I imagine they'll do mail order service). They do their own type of "invisible" repairs which are pretty durable.
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