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How can I find out ALL of the available Blackboard atXat (@X) template variables?!

I am an instructor at a regional university in PA. We use Blackboard 7.2 as our LMS of choice. Recently I discovered Blackboard's built-in template variables, which allow me to customize my content in various ways per student, course, etc. My problem is, I have only discovered a handful of resources on line, and they suck (Two are listed below, the third is a presentation from Bb World on building blocks which is outside of the scope of what I am doing). Please help me find a documented API, FAQ, or exhaustive list of all template variables!
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Is this what you're looking for? There's API listings and info on the variables, among other things.
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Oh, bother. I accidentally clicked on your second link twice, so I didn't see that you've linked to my answer. You may just need to dig around a bit on the edugarage site, but it appears to be a wiki-type setup, so it'd possible it's just not on there.
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Response by poster: Niles, I spent some time exploring each of the documented APIs on your first link, and I believe the Building Block documentation expands on what is available inside the wiki to the point where I have a bit more information to play with. Thanks.
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If you're really going to get in deep, you probably want to check out Oscelot, and the blackboard open source list, but unless you're the actual administrator of your installation and in a position to develop and deploy building blocks, I suspect your options are fundamentally limited to the documented variables listing.
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