Help me find an artist for collaboration.
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I have a story and I'm looking for an artist to collaborate for little to no money on a sci-fi comic book. I will pay for the actual production (it will be a limited run to accompany a record), so I have at least that to offer to the artist. Know of any websites/forums that help foster this labor-of-love type collaboration between media?

So far, I've placed ads at and in the rpgnet forum for free art/writing.

Do you know of any other places where I might find an excellent artist for said collaboration? (Of course, mefites and friends are welcome to inquire within.) Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: and the "illustrators" group at LiveJournal are two other places to look.
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Um, good luck with that.

You may look at as well.
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One more suggestion:

You could also try the alchemy forum on etsy.
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I would try It's made for what you're doing (though people mostly want to be paid...but what you offer might be very attractive to someone who's talented but not had much exposure).
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Best answer: Panel and Pixel is where the crowd from Warren Ellis' Engine forum went after he shut it down. They used to run big 'artist/writer needed' threads for people looking for comics collaborators. Even if they don't still do that, it's probably a good place to get advice.
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