Looking for a Countdown Timer That'll Go Higher Than 99 Hours
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I'm looking for an OSX application, widget, or menubar item that will display a countdown to a date.

Ideally, I'd be able to set it for, say, May 14th, and it'll show me how many months, days, hours, and seconds are left until the date. It'd be even better if I could run more than one of these timers at a time. I need this to work on Tiger, but Leopard stuff could be useful, too. Thank you!
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posted by Brockles at 3:01 PM on February 21, 2009

Perfect! Thank you!
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Question's answered already, but for benefit of future readers, I use multiple instances of both Countdown Calendar and Countdown Plus. The former displays in days ("27 Days until X"), the latter in weeks and days ("three weeks and 6 days until X") and I believe eventually hours, minutes, and seconds when you get that close. When your event passes, "until" becomes "since" and they start counting upward instead.
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I like both of those, too. Thanks, roombythelake!
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