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Looking for suggestions for alternatives to NING. Something a little more powerful.

Right now my group of 80 or so is using NING and right now its only useful to schedule events for forums. Scheduling is a bear. I would like to add more resources to make the site more useful rather than just for scheduling.

I'd like to add customizable lists where people can comment on each entry in the list. I'd like to have content that expires and disappears after a certain date. I'd like to have a real calendar. I'd REALLY like to have a splash page cuz right now the URL goes directly to a login screen which is worthless for giving people an idea of who we are.

Any ideas? We're on a $0.00 budget. Also, would it be difficult to migrate that many users to a new service?

I tried Crowdvine and it seemed even more restrictive and had even less to offer.

I may be stuck.

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Best answer: Moodle will do just about everything you're asking for. There are a number of free Moodle hosting providers out there where you can set up a moodle for your group. Ninehub. EduHost.

You might want to read up on what Moodle is before jumping in. We use it very successfully with our group of 250+ educators and 1000+ student body. Scheduling, resource-sharing, chat and comment boards, and so much more.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'll check it out!
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