Gee Your Cat Smells Terrific
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Most scoopable cat litter has a fragrance added. Normally we hunt for unscented litter, since the scents linger on my cat and he smells like air freshener. We accidentally bought a 40 pound tub of super scented litter. Is there any way to make it less aromatic or remove the smell from the cat?
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I would try mixing some baking soda in with the litter.
posted by amro at 10:47 AM on February 18, 2009

Does the smell dissipate when exposed to the air? Or maybe you could heat it gently (put it on a warm windowsill)?
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Maybe just continue buying the unscented stuff, and mix this stuff with it in small amounts.
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Seconding what orme said. Or maybe you could try brushing him a few times a day to remove the little particles that cling to his fur.
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This may seem obvious, but... can you return it? Someplace like Target may take it back even if it's been opened, they're usually pretty forgiving. Kitties smell great, don't mess yours up.
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If you don't find a solution to this, donate it to a shelter....
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody - It's on the kitchen counter which gets direct sunshine, hopefully that will help. Also, I'll thin it with some baking soda and unscented litter.

The good news for the cat is he's getting brushed several times a day. He's in heaven.
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You can *cut* the aromatic litter with some plain unscented one. But the cat - unless you air him/her out on a balcony where fresh air can whip through his/her fur there isn't much you can do. Fresh air. That's pretty much it.
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My cat is a scent-sponge. I don't know why this is. I sometimes put dryer sheets on her favorite perches just so she smells like a dryer sheet because it amuses me.

The litter box thing annoys me since I like to snuggle her and no one wants to snuggle something that smells like a litter box.

Brushing really is the best solution to get the smell out of the CAT. Or, stick dryer sheets on everything else the cat sits on. It's at least entertaining. (Note: My cat sits on bags and on sweaters and I usually stick the dryer sheet INSIDE the bag or sweater, before anyone starts telling me that my cat is going to die from a lack of static electricity.)
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