Pushing audio from PC to Xbox 360
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Streaming music from laptop to xbox, sans TV: possible?

I have a shiny new Xbox 360, tied to my home network via a router that's set up as a wireless bridge with DD-WRT firmware. Music and movies are shared from my laptop through Windows Media Player; I can access them through the Xbox dashboard with no hassles.

Here's what I'm looking for: I want to have my laptop and xbox powered on, TV off, push play on *something* on my laptop, and be able to play music through my xbox onto my stereo system to which the xbox is hooked. Possible? How?
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I did something similar and it worked great... Ran the audio out from xbox 360 to my AV Receiver and speakers. Didn't need the TV to play sound. I did have to turn on the TV to start playing, but then could turn it off.
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Response by poster: That looks like the likely low-tech option if I can't find software to do what I want. Can you get the 360 to play playlists, or just albums/folders?
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The 360 will play playlists.
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IR remote is your best bet, you're still going to be blind.

There isn't anything where you can remote control your Xbox 360 over the network or have it act as an audio gateway like an airport express.
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couldn't you set it up to play a shoutcast stream from a server running on the laptop? that way you can control the playlist from the laptop.
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