How can I find software to get my music off of my ipod?
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Where to download "ipod Download"? [mi]

The Endgadget rss feed has made me aware of a nice little program called iPod Download (for Macs) which lets you download music off your iPod. Unfortunately, pressure from apple has caused the developer to stop offering the software. Happily, apparently it keeps popping up for download despite Apple's attempts. Sadly, I can't find it. Anyone have any clues?
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Response by poster: For you iPod Download users out there who are disappointed that it no longer works with iTunes 4.7, Engadget has instructions on how to bring it back to life...
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Best answer: Link.
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Response by poster: Thanks a bunch bitpart ... works like a charm.
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What is the difference between this program and Podworks, which is still available from Version Tracker?
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PodWorks is a separate application for OSX that reads your iPod Library file and lets you copy files off of it onto your hard drive. iPod Download is a plugin for iTunes that lets you do the same, except it is integrated into iTunes (more or less, a 'fake ipod' shows up that has all your songs except you can now copy them to your library.)

Apple's reasoning for shutting down iPod Download is that the developer used the iTunes SDK for hardware devices (a fake driver, if you will) for a software tool: not allowed in the license. There was something very similar over a year ago with a tool that let you copy files over the network that Apple also shut down for the same reason.

That's not to say we don't all know their "real" reason for doing it. They are probably fine with non-iTunes integrated solutions because they can claim to the RIAA that they can't prevent it. But leaving a plugin hook wide open for task could make Apple culpable.

If you want an easy sort-of-iTunes integrated solution, I swear by an Applescript called "Import Selected Files from iPod" that I got on Doug's Applescripts for iTunes site. It is free and does the same thing as iPod download without the nasty indexing that all those apps have to do. It's mostly useful for single file copies and such.
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