Replacement for American Crew Classic Wax
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ARGG! American Crew has discontinued my favorite hair prod, their Classic Wax. Help me find a substitute.

First, I have short, brown (little dry) hair. If I don't put something in it then it just sticks every which way. So I like to flatten it a bit forward.

Things I liked about Classic Wax:

- A little bit of it would go along way. Just getting a dab on a couple fingers was enough to do my whole head. Usually took me a couple months to go through a jar (or whatever you call the container).

- It didn't look to greasy/wet, IMHO. I used to use their Firm Hold styling gel, but was never really happy with it.

- My hair was just firm enough to hold it in place, but not firm enough to give me helmet head.

- Okay, I liked the smell too!

Not tied to American Crew products, so give me other suggestions if you know something that works as well. I'm a little pissed at them right now, actually.
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Tea Tree Styling Wax - lasts forever (my husband has had the tube for nearly a year) - and smells great (swoon).
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Dax has a lot of styling waxes. I have used the Wave and Groom when my hair was short. It's pretty stiff, has a slight scent to it but is otherwise totally awesome (and totally great if you like the scent).
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It looks like there are many web sites selling it; why not just buy 5 or 10? That would last you years.
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Bumble and Bumble has some good products. I use Sumotech on my hair, but it may be too much hold (?) for you. I would go into a good salon that sells B&B and tell them what you're looking for; if they're not busy, I'm sure that they'd let you try a few out. Salons make a pretty good margin on hair care products, so they're usually pretty interested in helping you drop $20.
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My friend, I use the American Crew Fiber every morning - just a note of it - and it has all of the same properties you appreciated in the Classic Wax.
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I also use American Crew's Fiber product as well. It comes in the same pots that you are used to and probably sits right next to that product on the shelf. It has a magical way of avoiding the "wet look".

Give it a try.
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American Crew Pomade will be exactly what you are looking for.
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Aveda Men Pure-Formance grooming clay, or some other product in their line.
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I'd alos say you might be interested in clays. American Crew's clay has a nice citrus scent. I've also found that a tub of of clay last darn near forever. It has a strong enough hold to get very short hair in line, but doesn't look wet at all.
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I like Hair Putty from Fudge (warning: flash!) which styles my hair but you cant feel it in your hair (plus I like the logo). In NY you can get it from at Ricky's, but not at drug stores. But you can also get it off The Amazon.
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Aside: the big difference you'll find between the waxes and putties suggested above is shine. Wax typically gives much more gloss to hair than a product like Hair Putty or Fiber (which I myself use). Wax also gives a more crunchy hold, while Fiber, Sumotech et al. are somewhat more pliable.

If you're used to a wax, stay in that product segment and experiment.
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I like Redken Water Wax, which is apparently the same or closest thing to their Smartwax. They also have some sort of straightening stuff in a fat tube, which is kind of like a gel, but it doesn't look wet or do stuff in an overly straight way. It's been a godsend for my newly short hair.
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I've used two products which sound similar

Modern Organic Product's Orange Peel Molding Cream - Can't link directly to stupid flash site.

Dirt by Jonathan Products - a bit pricey and I like the Cream better.
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I second Sumo wax. A little goes a long way, truly, but as rossination says, it might be too much hold for you.

But Artec Material is supersweat. Just a dab to damp hair will make it awesome. It smells great, washes out easily, and doesn't make your hair crunchy or shiny. I buy 50k containers of this stuff when I can, just like I buy 50k rolls of toilet paper at a time.
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I haven't tried it, but I've heard good things about the Aveda Styling Stick. I think their stuff usually smells pretty good (though I note that the one Amazon reviewer does not like this one).
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I tried an expirement a while back getting someone from to make me up a wax product from Etsy's Alchemy section (custom handmade stuff). It worked...ok. Not quite as good as the store-bought, but the makers were willing to work to refine it if you prefer something that you know what went into it.
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