Wacom Display Toggle Advanced Options?
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[wacomfilter] quicksilver (or system hotkey) + wacom screen switching integration?

I use the ExpressKey on my wacom to toggle display focus (preferences->expresskeys->display toggle). My primary is a 30", secondary is the built-in screen on my MBP.

There are two reasons this is annoying:
1. The expresskey only functions when pen movement is detected, meaning I have to move the pen while pressing the button to switch screens. This makes single-handed screen-switching difficult.
2. It's just not in a convenient place for me since the wacom is my primary mousing input located to the right of my keyboard. The expresskeys are on the left or right and require more cognitive load than usual mousing behavior.

I'm looking for help in a few possible ways:
1. assigning display toggle to the secondary button on the stylus. The prefpane won't let me.
2. assigning display toggle to a quicksilver command
3. assigning display toggle to a system hotkey

Can anyone recommend a way to implement one of the above three?

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As a datapoint, I don't have to have my pen anywhere near the tablet for my Display Toggle expresskey to work. (OS 10.5 + intuos3) Are you sure you have the latest version of the software?
posted by GeekAnimator at 3:10 PM on February 17, 2009

Turns out I had an older driver. Now the expresskey works anytime, which is good, and even better, case #1 has been solved by this update now too: i can assign display toggle to the pen secondary button. I'd still love a way to do this via keyboard input though.
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