This *blurp* is *blaat* getting *buuurp* ridiculous *blaaat*
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For the last week or so, I've been burping a lot. As in, constantly.


Okay, so here's the long version. Over Christmas, I was having a problem with some occasional pain in my lower abdomen (near my belly button). I went to the doctor, who, after hearing all of my symptoms, said that it was likely nothing to worry about. I had an ultrasound, which came back normal. The initial pain had vanished between the time of my appointment and the ultrasound.

Since I had the ultrasound, I've been having a really bad problem with belching constantly. It sometimes will go away, but it seems to be particularly worse in the evening. Last night, and so far today, has been the worst it has been. I'm pretty much burping constantly, or feeling the need to burp.

I don't have any other symptoms, though last night after I took an antacid to see if it would help my stomach felt very clenched and tight, as though I had been working my abdominal muscles.

Should I go to the doctor immediately (ie should I go to emergency or urgent care)? I'm out of town at the moment and will be able to go see a doctor on Monday but I am wondering if I should get this checked out. It is more of a massive nuisance than anything. The belches are not smelly or anything. Appetite's normal. No big changes to my diet, and I haven't noticed what I have eaten as having an effect on the belching. It just sort of feels like if I could let go with a big enough burp, things would be okay.

I'm the sort who assumes every minor symptom is a possibly a deadly illness so I am a little bit freaked out.
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Response by poster: Also: not on any medications or anything.
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Yeah, this is weird enough that if it's not too huge of a burden you should see somebody. If your body has started behaving unusual for you, that's usually a sign you should pay attention to it, particularly if nothing else has changed. I know little about gas but I think the main two causes are either from your diet or from swallowing air. It probably isn't your diet but since they are probably going to be doing gastrointestinal tests on you anyway you might want to stick to bland foods that move through quickly and don't cause gas and get plenty of fluids. So maybe keep away from cabbage and beans for the next little while.
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See a doctor, yes.

I'm not a doctor, nor play one on TV, but some of the symptoms you describe are similar to what Ms. Ricketts has been going through. Abdominal pain, often at night, a lot of burping. We think it is gall bladder (based on my family who have had a lot of gall bladder issues and say they recognize the symptoms), but we haven't confirmed that. Doc said it was acid reflux, but the meds prescribed didn't do anything.

While my sis eventually had to have hers out (it got worse and worse) Ms. Ricketts has been able to control it through behavior changes. She doesn't eat late. She eats less in a sitting. She stays away from greasy and excessively rich foods (and cornchips, which for some reason really set it of...i mean seriously she can't even eat one).
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I'd go to the doctor now. Although I am not a doctor, my Dad has had these belching things for some time before heart issues become apparent.
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A friend who had this problem in the past turned out to be lactose intolerant. And yes, it did appear suddenly like that. You could try cutting dairy out for a while and see how it goes. An easy fix that doesn't require a doctor's visit.
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See a doctor as soon as you can. Another thing that I've seen manifest these symptoms is a hiatal hernia.
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Seconding hiatal hernia, but yes, see a doctor.

FWIW I had a gall bladder issue years ago that resolved on it's own after cutting absolutely all fat out of my diet for a week. The pain is often high in your back, between your shoulder blades but often manifests as a very distinct pain in your upper right abdomen, just below your ribs, not really belly button region.
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Response by poster: To follow up, after a series of various tests and procedures, there's... nothing wrong with me, apparently. However, after adjusting my diet somewhat, I feel quite a bit better. I saw the doctor today and we're going to keep going with the dietary changes and if it comes back we'll see what happens.
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